Society has advanced to a point where photography has become pervasive in our daily lives. We can now get decent cameras that take great photos and we are only limited by our ability to use them. We're even seeing amazing images taken with mobile phones. This form of photography has grown in leaps and bounds. The downside, however, has made the professional business of photography a tad more difficult. Never mind the fact that hiring a photographer is still done like the old days. The profession hasn't kept up with digital trends and the demands of the modern consumer.

What we have set out to do, is help you with your photography by using a digital platform to take care of the finding... hiring... and paying for the photos you need. Best of all, matching you to the right people that fit your business needs.

Voila! Here we are, a different way to do photography.

Welcome to Tapsnapp.


Tapsnapp is a digital online marketplace that connects you to photographers in South Africa. It’s also the first platform that is designed to help businesses leverage good photography for better exposure and marketing to the customers you need. We match you to photographers based on the location of the shoot and type of shoot needed.

Remember how you used to hire a photographer? You would rely on referrals and if not, contact photographers one by one without any knowledge of their pricing or availability. Did we say pricing? Yes, the pricing is set by photographers and it’s not standardized across the level of quality and expertise that you wanted. Well, now no more. Tapsnapp has created a fixed pricing approach that so the customer can select the level of pricing and expertise beforehand.

This means immediate pricing for you so it makes life easier again.

What’s the best part? You only select the type of shoot you need once and you will get multiple options in one go! It’s now easier than ever to hire the photographer you need.

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